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Chapter 3: I Me Mine X Billions
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Chapter 3
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People are in the future, ignoring each other and focused on their attraction to things, avatars and imagined realities. People are driving, flying, using lots of new products and generating the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. People have lost touch with what really matters in favor of earthly goods and pursuits. Many people behave as if they are invincible and have little to no understanding of the brevity of life, the inevitability of death and how our connection to the earth and other living things is the only thing that makes our lives truly meaningful.


The tulips represent irresponsibility, naivety, and foolishness. The mirror is a reference to vanity. The jewelry symbolizes the transience of the beauty of the body and the nature of wisdom in human life. Earthly riches seem important during life, but mean little once life is over. The bottle symbolizes drunkenness and uncouth behavior. And look! There’s a corona flower indicating that we’re seeing the beginning of pandemics. The pollinators, key players in sustainable ecosystems—butterflies, bats and bees—are there too. They are already starting to disappear with changing climate.


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