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Epilogue: We Can Still Turn Things Around!
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There are many alternatives to the bleak final chapter that I’ve proposed. Many scientists and environmentalists are looking for ways to reduce carbon output and slow global warming. Innovative people in all disciplines are starting to come up with ideas for solutions to associated climate change consequences.


If you are starting to feel hopeless, I recommend this documentary with Sir David Attenborough, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. This documentary is a realistic view of where we are right now and although the situation is dire, it offers ideas for action and hope that we can still save this beautiful world and what’s left of the inhabitants. And for a follow up, beautiful, mind-expanding, feel-good documentary, see Fantastic Fungi. Mycelium will save us or inherit the earth!




  • The painting in Chapter 1 is Drawing Water by Henry Farny, 1888.

  • Photographs in the frames in Chapter 2-Chapter 5 were legally obtained through

  • Much thanks go to Honeysuckle Mind Creative Collective for their invaluable support.



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