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This is something we really can turn around. Let's imagine a future without single use plastic. Let's make it happen one household at a time as soon as we can!



PBS Newshour: The Plastic Problem.  This hour-long report describes the problem and current consequences during the first part and provides hope and ideas for eliminating the problem in the second part.

  1. Facts about the Pacific Garbage Patch

  2. article on microplastics 

  3. UN Treaty. The UN begins work on treaty to fight global plastic pollution. 

Resources for Reducing Plastic Use

I am not endorsing anything in particular. These are just ideas. There are competitors you can look for in many cases too.

Write Letters

Write letters to the stores you shop at to let them know how much it matters to you that they switch from using plastic packaging. For example, I wrote this letter to Trader Joe's:


Dear Trader Joes,

I have been a loyal customer since you opened in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I've decided I can't shop at TJ's anymore. It will reduce the perceived quality of my life to not have you in it, but I've made a vow to myself and planet earth to greatly reduce the non-essential single-use plastics in my life.

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