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Portraits and headshots

You'll get a 10-15 image portfolio of natural, flattering photos that capture the essence of you looking great. Use for:

- Online dating profiles

- Social media

- LinkedIn

- Websites

- Engagement memories

- Couples, families, pets

Fine Art Nudes

I use dramatic lighting, dark backgrounds, scarves and other props to create artfull nude or semi-nude photos that reveal your best features and conceal the rest.

Paintings and sculpture

Professional high-resolution images of artwork for print and online.

- Oil paintings

- Acrylic paintings

- Sculpture

- Museum objects

Additional offerings

- Art book creation

- Art portfolios

- Images for online and printed books

- Art archiving

- Wix websites for artists

        Want to see examples?

Contact me at

To protect the privacy of my clients, most of my work is not represented on this site, so ask and I'll show you permission-granted examples.

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